Desert City Papercraft Terrain Pack (Digital Download)

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The Desert City Expansion Pack includes papercraft templates that you can use to print out the following terrain pieces:

  • Bank Building
  • Hideout Building
  • Sandy Tower Building
  • Apartment Tower Building
  • Store Building
  • Supply Crates
  • Wooden Bridges
  • Sandbags

The Desert City Expansion Pack can be used to add a multitude of new buildings to your Combat Storm war-gaming scenarios, whether combining with your existing terrain or printing out the Desert City terrain pieces in different configurations to fill up your gaming space.

  • Many of the buildings are stack-able, so you can optionally construct large multi-level structures, perfect for creating a sniper nest high above the city.
  • Sandbags offer great thematic terrain pieces and act as partial cover for soldiers. There are two different sizes of sandbag placements, allowing gamers to create their own customized battlefield configurations.
  • The wooden bridges let soldiers participate in rooftop-to-rooftop engagements, allowing new methods of combat to unfold.
  • Supply crates can be used as simple cover terrain but also have a further utility in the Combat Storm expansion rule-set.

With printable terrain, you can print out multiple copies of buildings to create an entire city or stack them on top of one another to create larger buildings, perfect for mission objective locations, sniper roosts, extraction zones, etc.