Below is a list of the upcoming Add-on Packs we are working on:

Combat Storm Heroes

  • A new streamlined way to build squads which replaces traditional army building.
  • Each Hero soldier contains unique traits and special abilities and leads a pre-configured squad which has their own weapon and equipment configurations.
  • 10 Hero Squads in total (5 U.S. Hero squads and 5 P.C.F. Hero squads).

"The Compound" Scenario/Map Pack

  • A 3-Mission Player-vs-Player Story Campaign.
  • 5 new papercraft terrain pieces: Compound Building, Hideout Building, Wooden Planks, Gear Crates, Sandbags.
  • Combat Cards: Squad gear is hidden in special gear crates throughout the map – Open a crate and discover special Combat Cards that you can use tactically against your opponent! Combat Cards include: Smoke canisters, Stimulant Shots, Trip Mines, Bombing Coordinates, Med Bags, Grenades, Armor Plating, Bayonets, Tactical Detonators, Drone Spotters, Paratrooper Support, and more!
  • 2 New Combat Storm Hero Squads (1 U.S. Hero squad and 1 P.C.F. Hero squad).

Zombie Storm: 1-4 Player Co-Op Campaign

  • Team up with your friend(s) or go solo to battle the invading zombie horde in a multi-mission campaign
  • 7 different types of papercraft zombies to battle: Zombie Horde, Fast Zombies, Spitter Zombies, Screamer Zombies, Crawler Zombies, Burster Zombies, Behemoth Zombies.
  • Multi-mission campaign that contains decision-based story choices that change certain outcomes of the story campaign.
  • 2 New Combat Storm Hero Squads (1 U.S. Hero squad and 1 P.C.F. Hero squad).