Combat Storm Heroes Expansion

Combat Storm: Heroes ... coming soon

  • Hero Squads - Combat Storm: Heroes introduces a new concept of squad-building, where traditional squad-building is replaced by players choosing from predefined squads, led by a squad leader. Each squad also has a unique special ability associated with them.
  • City Builder - A special way to randomly generate your tabletop terrain, making each battle layout completely unique.
  • AI Rules for Solo/Co-Op Play - Each new predefined squad also comes with its own set of AI rules that is used to determine what the enemy squad will do, opening up the possibility for players to play Combat Storm solo or with a friend (Co-Op).
  • Strategic Abilities - In addition to the regular move and shoot actions that squads have, new strategic abilities allow a squad to further expand their options of what they can do when activated.
  • Tactical Abilities - Players will also now have the ability to perform certain actions during their opponents turn.
  • HQ Abilities - A basket of new abilities that squads can get which are linked to their Strategic Ability rolls and objective markers. These new abilities are linked to the private military company (PMC) associated with their hero squad.
  • GRIT System - A new system that allows a faction to accumulate GRIT points which can be spent to increase Strategic/Tactical/HQ ability rolls.
  • Storage Crate Gear - Squads can discover new gear on the map by opening up storage crates. New gear types include weapons, equipment, and items.
  • Building Terrain Interactions - New rules for breaching building doors and also climbing on top of a building.
  • Melee Rules - Rules for engaging in hand-to-hand combat, when the action gets up close and personal.
  • Battle Royale Gameplay - Fast and furious gameplay for 3-8 players that has players parachuting their lone soldiers into the map, scavenging for resources and surviving till the very end.
  • Mission Types - Four new types of missions: Hunt, Recon, Defense, and Sabotage.

Zombie Storm: 1-4 Player Co-Op Campaign ... coming soon

  • Co-Op Mode - Team up with your friend(s) or go solo to battle the invading zombie horde in a multi-mission campaign
  • Zombie Enemies - 7 different types of papercraft zombies to battle: Zombie Horde, Fast Zombies, Spitter Zombies, Screamer Zombies, Crawler Zombies, Burst Zombies, Behemoth Zombies.
  • Campaign Mode - Multi-mission campaign that contains decision-based story choices that change certain outcomes of the story campaign.