About Us

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For over 10 years, Strategy Wave Studios has been developing table-top games and board games alike!

Our game design philosophy is simple: Create games that are easily approachable to a wide range of players but also include an abundance of deep, strategic game mechanics within, that appeals to the diehard enthusiast gamer.

Our games are designed so players can experience our core game design fundamentals:

  • Easy-to-learn rules that allow players to start playing in a small amount of time.
  • New strategies to develop and consider after several play-sessions of the game.
  • Many tactical decision-making moments that can turn the tide of victory.
  • Game systems that are respectful of players' time by keeping player turns flowing quickly through sleek mechanics and design.
  • A rewarding first-time experience that is further complimented by exploring the more advanced systems in game sessions to follow.