tan and green plastic army men face off in a city street made of papercraft terrain

Wargaming with Plastic Army Men

Want to take your plastic army men to a whole new battlefield?

Introducing COMBAT STORM, the definitive wargame that uses your own collection of plastic army men as game pieces and a large playing area such as a large table or living-room floor as a battlefield.

For terrain, you can use common household objects to represent buildings and obstacles (e.g. books, wooden blocks, boxes, etc.) or use the included print-and-play papercraft terrain to build your own awesome cities and environments.

With the Combat Storm rules, your battlefield comes to life as you issue orders to your squads, by controlling their movements and attacks, in an effort to overcome the enemy and complete the mission at hand!

Looking for an easy-to-play wargame that brings refreshing new game mechanics to the table?

Combat Storm takes off where traditional wargames end by using a game system that is easy to learn for beginners but also provides opportunities for more advanced gameplay for veteran players, giving you the ultimate battlefield experience!

The Soldiers

The soldiers in your collection of Plastic Army Men may look slightly different than the versions shown here, but this section gives you a good idea about what classes of soldiers are available for use in a game of Combat Storm.


Rifleman are the backbone of the army, using their assault rifles to lead the charge against enemy forces. Riflemen can also upgrade their weapons to give them the upper hand in battle.


Snipers are elite marksman that carry powerful long-ranged rifles into battle which can pick off enemy targets from great distances. Snipers are also able to perform head-shot kills if their shots are on point.


Support Infantry accompany squads into battle and provide machine gun fire support which can help to suppress enemy units. If a squad goes into a prone position, Support Infantry soldiers can deploy the bi-pods on their weapons and can let loose a highly accurate stream of firepower onto enemy targets.


Anti-Armor soldiers are specially-trained to eliminate armored vehicles such as tanks and artillery vehicles on the battlefield. In some cases, they are also used to eliminate enemy bunkers and machine gun nests.


A Sergeant can influence the squad with a higher sense of morale and purpose, giving them a boost in performance and ability.


Medics are able to heal wounds that have been inflicted on fellow squad-mates and play an important role in helping to keep their squad from losing soldiers in battle.


The Grenadier functions much like a standard Riflemen but also comes equipped with grenade launcher attachment on his rifle, capable of launching 40mm grenades at enemy targets.


Demolition Experts provide specialized firepower in the form of explosives and are called upon to perform functions such as destroying a designated target with a C4 explosive, supplying their squad with grenades or defusing a bomb.


The Supply Soldier is similar to a regular Rifleman except he carries additional supplies and gear for the squad. The Supply Soldier is also capable of repairing damaged vehicles.


The Forward Observer's primary role is to provide intel and attack coordinates to artillery and air support (helicopter missile strikes and bombing runs). The Forward Observer also provides his squad with a Scouting Bonus at the beginning of the game that allows his squad to take an additional Movement Phase.

green and tan plastic army men battle it out in a papercraft terrain city complete with dumpster, mailbox and concrete barrier

Game Features

The Combat Storm 2nd Edition Rulebook contains complete step-by-step instructions for playing the game with two or more players, including many helpful examples throughout to help illustrate the gameplay.

•  Rules for two unique armies, each army having their own specializations and tactics:

  - The United States Army
- The People's Coalition Front

  Rules for 10 different classes of soldiers for each army:

  - Riflemen
  - Support Infantry
  - Snipers
  - Medics
  - Sergeants
  - Grenadiers
  - Supply Soldiers
  - Forward Observers
  - Demolitions Experts
  - Anti-Armor Soldiers

  Rules for Special Forces Soldiers

  Rules for 4 different vehicles:

  - Main Battle Tank
  - Light Tank
  - Mobile Artillery Vehicle
  - Air Defense & Ground Support Vehicle

More Features

  Air Support Rules (Helicopter Missile Strike & Bombing Run)

  Head-Shot Rules

  Prone/Crouching Rules

  Suppression Fire Rules

  Blast Weapon Rules

  Terrain Rules covering all types of basic land that battles may take place on

  Cover Rules for when soldiers take cover behind objects

  A unique weapon upgrade system that allows players to further customize their soldiers' weapons and equipment before going into battle

  Army-building rules and point system

  8 all new missions, each featuring a detailed map, a mission briefing, and tactical objectives as well as the "Last Man Standing" game mode

  Command Sheet to keep track of your squads, weapon upgrades and equipment

  Quick Reference Guides

  Plus much more!

green army men face off against tan plastic army men in a city street made of papercraft terrain

Gamers have spoken! Here's what some of our fans have to say about combat storm:

I am very impressed with your game’s system and with your philosophy. With the very low price and great mechanics, your game system has really done a great job setting itself apart from other, much more expensive, games. Thank you for all the hard work and thought that you have put into this game and thank you for letting me know that you appreciate me for buying your game (very few war game companies seem to care about the consumers feelings anymore).

Blake via Hotmail

The building are A+. My son has really enjoyed putting the building together. In fact, the whole family has enjoyed it. We look forward to some of your new products!

Mark via MSN

I just got my book yesterday and I am in absolute love with it. I'm on the Vehicle chapter this morning and I cannot wait to play it! Thanks for creating such an amazing game!

Kip via Yahoo

I recently ordered Combat Storm and I could not be more
satisfied. It is exactly what I expected and I would like to
compliment you on a great product.

Andrew via Gmail

I love your game. It brings back so many memories and is simple and fun... really fun! I am very impressed and tip my hat to you and your company.

Marc via Yahoo

Our Personal 100% Money Back Guarantee To You!

We love Combat Storm and we want to make sure you love it too! We believe in our product so much that we proudly stand behind a 100% Money Back Guarantee policy. Yup, that's right: If you don't completely agree that Combat Storm is everything you expected it to be, simply send us an email within 15 days of purchase and we will issue you a 100% refund. No hard feelings and no questions asked.

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Looking for Plastic Army Men?

A great source for plastic army men could be your local dollar store. Some dollar stores often have a variety of soldiers and vehicles. Take a look and see what you can find!

Also, try taking a look at E-bay. Click Here to take a look at some of the listings and see if you find a style that you like.

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