Hotel papercraft building for combat storm

Hotel & Embassy Combo Deal Download Pack

Do you want to get the best Papercraft value for your dollar? You can get both the Hotel AND the Embassy building in one big awesome combo pack that offers the best savings!

The Hotel is a 4-storey building and comes equipped with a roof access door and air conditioner roof accessories. The Hotel can also be transformed into different variations that can be used to diversify the look of your gaming table.

The Embassy set includes the Embassy Building, compound walls that can be placed around the Embassy for added protection, garden hedges that can be placed on the Embassy grounds and concrete dividers that can be used to help create streets and bring an urban flair to the battlefield.

Pictures of the Hotel:

Pictures of the Embassy:

If needed, the downloadable templates can be re-sized when printing to scale to virtually any size of miniatures that you need.

The Hotel & Embassy Combo Deal is available immediately as digital download PDF files (20.1MB total file size).

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Price: $10.97