Combat Storm Papercraft Hotel

Hotel Building Papercraft Download

Want an awesome new building that can be turned into 3 separate new buildings variations for your Combat Storm wargaming table? The Hotel Papercraft building is your answer!

The Hotel is a 4-storey building and comes equipped with a roof access door and air conditioner roof accessories. The Hotel can be transformed into different variations (see pictures below) that can help diversify the look of your gaming table.

The Hotel can be used for Combat Storm missions involving VIP rescue operations, search-and-destroy style scenarios, sabotage operations, assassination missions, or simply be used as just another wonderful piece of terrain on the battlefield.

As with all Papercraft projects, you’re not limited to printing out just one building — print out as many as you like!

All of our downloadable templates have been created to be simple, high quality, and fun, allowing you to download, print, assemble and play in a short period of time!

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If needed, the downloadable templates can be re-sized when printing to scale to virtually any size of miniatures that you need.

The Hotel is available immediately as a digital download PDF file (9.3MB file size).

Order your Hotel today and download instantly!

Price: $5.97