Papercraft embassy building terrain for plastic army men wargame

Embassy Building Papercraft Download

Need a great gaming table centerpiece where tons of action can take place? Get the Embassy Building, complete with Compound Walls, Garden Hedges and Concrete Dividers!

The Embassy is a large 2-storey building featuring two wings on either side of it. This building is great for Combat Storm mission scenarios such as VIP assassination missions, Embassy takeover scenarios, Embassy protection scenarios, or search-and-rescue missions.

The Embassy set includes Compound Walls that can be placed around the Embassy for added protection. You will also get Garden Hedges that can be placed on the Embassy grounds and Concrete Dividers that can be used to help create streets and bring an urban flair to the battlefield.

All of our downloadable templates have been created to be simple, high quality, and fun, allowing you to download, print, assemble and play in a short period of time!

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If needed, the downloadable templates can be re-sized when printing to scale to virtually any size of miniatures that you need.

The Embassy set is available immediately as a digital download PDF file (10.8MB file size).

Order your Embassy today and download instantly!

Price: $6.97