tank and artillery vehicles for combat storm

Die-Cast Tank and Artillery MEGA BUNDLE Combo Deal (Six HIGH-QUALITY Vehicles in Total!)

This awesome set features a total of 6 high quality, detailed Tanks and Artillery Vehicles, ready to unleash a torrent of chaos and firepower upon enemy forces.

All vehicles feature a heavy die-cast body with plastic parts and fully rotating 360-degree turret.

You receive:

1 Tan Tank (with Desert Camouflage pattern)
1 Gray Tank (with Green and Brown Camouflage pattern)
1 Green Tank (with Forest Camouflage pattern)
1 Tan Mobile Artillery Vehicle (with Brown Camouflage pattern)
1 Brown Mobile Artillery Vehicle (with Tan and Green Camouflage pattern)
1 Green Mobile Artillery Vehicle (with Forest Camouflage pattern)

Please click images below for enlarged views.

Tanks are the armored behemoths of your military force, containing both incredible firepower as well as thick-plated armor, protecting them from all but the heaviest of weapons. These tanks are modeled after the M1 Abrams main battle tank.

Mobile Howitzer Artillery Vehicles are just like they sound like -- mobile howitzer cannons! Best utilized on the edge of the battlefield, firing inward at enemy forces from afar. Special Forces Soldiers and Demolitions Experts equipped with radios can spot enemy targets for the Artillery Vehicles, eliminating the need for direct line-of-sight! Modeled after the M109 Howitzer.

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Price: $37.99