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Want to take your Green and Tan Plastic army men to a whole new battlefield?

Introducing COMBAT STORM, the table-top strategy wargame that uses Plastic Army Men as game pieces and exciting rules to keep the action fast-paced and intense. Battlefield wargaming has never been more fun!

Fun, Inexpensive, and Value-driven!

Does it make sense to continue spending several hundreds of dollars buying large armies and terrain pieces for OTHER wargames when you can use inexpensive plastic army men and terrain such as cardboard buildings or FREE Combat Storm "print and play" papercraft terrain to have even MORE enjoyable epic battles between you and your friends?

Looking for a wargame that brings refreshing new game mechanics to the table?

Combat Storm takes off where traditional wargames end by combining unique, high-performance game mechanics with traditional wargaming methodologies to create the ultimate battlefield experience! Innovative new rules and fresh ideas are what make Combat Storm the wargame that gamers all over the world are excited about!

A large wargaming manufacturer was recently spotten "borrowing" some rules from Combat Storm in their latest edition of their rulebook, which revealed that Combat Storm is leading traditional wargame manufacturers to re-tool their older rules in order to keep up with exciting new mechanics and trends from independent developers!

Rifleman are the backbone of the army, using their assault rifles to lead the charge against enemy forces. Riflemen can also upgrade their weapons to give them the upper hand in battle.

Support Infantry accompany squads into battle and provide machine gun fire support which can help to suppress enemy units. If a squad goes into a prone position, Support Infantry soldiers can deploy the bi-pods on their weapons and can let loose a highly accurate stream of firepower onto enemy targets.

Snipers are elite marksman that carry powerful long-ranged rifles into battle which can pick off enemy targets from great distances. Snipers are also able to perform head-shot kills if their shots are accurate enough.

Medics are able to heal wounds that have been inflicted on fellow squad-mates and play an important role in helping to keep their squad from losing soldiers in battle.

A Sergeant can influence the squad with a higher sense of morale and purpose, giving them a boost in performance and ability.
Demolition Expert
Demolition Experts provide specialized firepower in the form of explosives and are called upon to perform functions such as destroying a designated target with a C4 explosive, supplying their squad with grenades or defusing a bomb.

The Forward Observer's primary role is to provide intel and attack coordinates to artillery and air support (helicopter missile strikes and bombing runs). The Forward Observer also provides his squad with a Scouting bonus at the beginning of the game that allows his squad to take an additional Movement Phase.

Grenadier for Combat Storm
The Grenadier functions much like a standard Riflemen but also comes equipped with Grenade Launcher attachment on his rifle, capable of launching 40mm Grenades at enemy targets.

The Supply Soldier is similar to a regular Rifleman except he carries additional supplies and gear for the squad. The Supply Soldier is also capable of repairing damaged vehicles.

Anti-Armor soldiers are specially-trained to eliminate armored vehicles such as tanks and artillery vehicles on the battlefield. In some cases, they are also used to eliminate enemy bunkers and machinegun nests.
Special Forces Soldiers are highly trained elite warriors that are veterans of the battlefield. They move slightly faster than regular Riflemen and equip themselves with a more specialized assortment of weapons. They also wear upgraded body armor for increased protection.    

The Main Battle Tank is the most devastating piece of armor on the battlefield. It's main cannon unleashes terrible firepower against the enemy and its secondary machine guns clean up any remaining traces of opposition.

The Light Tank's role is to provide supporting fire against vehicles and infantry with its powerful 25mm main cannon, missiles and mounted machinegun. Its secondary role is to act as a troop transport, with the capacity to carry up to 6 soldiers.

The Mobile Artillery Vehicle brings long-range military might to the battlefield in the form of ground-shaking artillery shells. What it lacks in accuracy, the Mobile Artillery Vehicle makes up for with extreme destruction.

The Air Defense Ground Support Vehicle (ADGSV) is able to protect military forces against air attacks (helicopter missile strikes and bombing runs) and Artillery shelling, as well as providing heavy firepower support for troops on the ground.

  • The Combat Storm 2nd Edition Rulebook contains complete step-by-step instructions for playing the game with two or more players, including many helpful examples throughout to help illustrate the gameplay

  • Rules for two unique armies, each army having their own specializations and tactics:
       The United States Army
       The People's Coalition Front

  • Rules for 10 different classes of soldiers for each army:
       Support Infantry

       Supply Soldiers
       Forward Observers
       Demolitions Experts
       Anti-Armor Soldiers

  • Rules for Special Forces Soldiers

  • Rules for 4 different vehicles:
       Main Battle Tank
       Light Tank
       Mobile Artillery Vehicle
       Air Defense & Ground Support Vehicle

  • Air Support Rules (Helicopter Missile Strike & Bombing Run)

  • Head-Shot Rules

  • Prone/Crouching Rules

  • Suppression Fire Rules

  • Blast Weapon Rules

  • Terrain Rules covering all types of basic land that battles may take place on

  • Cover Rules for when soldiers take cover behind objects

  • A unique weapon upgrade system that allows players to further customize their soldiers' weapons and equipment before going into battle

  • Army-building rules and point system

  • 8 all new missions, each featuring a detailed map, a mission briefing, and tactical objectives as well as the "Total Annihilation" game mode

  • Command Sheet to keep track of your squads, weapon upgrades and equipment

  • Quick Reference Guides

  • Plus much more!

As a purchaser of Combat Storm Second Edition, you will also automatically become a member of the exclusive Combat Storm "Green Beret Community" which grants you access to the Combat Storm Player's Portal where you can get access to the Online Combat Storm Army Builder as well as Hi-Res "Print & Play" Tokens.

Green Beret Community Members also receive special discounts on future Combat Storm and Strategy Wave Studios Products!

Gamers have spoken! Here's what some of our fans have to say about Combat Storm:

"I love your game. It brings back so many memories and it is simple and fun... really fun! Not only does it trump Axis & Allies miniatures and Battlefield Evolution, it's also inexpensive and easier to play. I am very impressed and tip my hat to your company."
- Bill, New York City

"I recently ordered Combat Storm and I could not be more satisfied. It is exactly what I expected and I would like to compliment you on a great product."
- Andrew, Arizona

"Combat Storm really does put the fun back in miniature wargaming. I used to play Warhammer 40k but found that the gameplay was just too slow and the hobby was getting way too expensive. I stumbled upon Combat Storm and just fell in love with the fast-paced gameplay and inexpensive start-up cost to get playing right away. My friends and I have even developed our own custom scenarios and missions."
- Roger, Washington

"My son loves plastic army men but we had never played a wargame before. I purchased the rulebook and after it arrived, I read through it all and got accustomed to the basic rules. We had such a great time playing our first battles and look forward to our next session. Thanks for the great game!"
- James, Georgia


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The Combat Storm Second Edition Boxed Set Includes the Following:

  • The Combat Storm Second Edition Rulebook (95 Pages)

  • Approximately 60 randomly assorted Plastic Army Men in the following colors: Green, Tan, Blue and Grey (1:32 scale)

  • 4 Vehicles (1:32 scale):
    1 Main Battle Tank
    1 Light Tank
    1 Artillery Vehicle
    1 Air Defense & Ground Support Vehicle

  • "Print & Play" Downloadable Tokens

  • Access to the Combat Storm Army Builder Web Application

$29.99 (plus shipping)


This product is considered a wargame hobby product and not a toy. Not intended for use by persons 12 years of age or younger. Not recommended for children who still put objects in their mouths. Contains small parts.

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