Frequently Asked Questions

In a nutshell, what is Combat Storm?

Combat Storm is a fun, strategic war game that has players deploying squads of soldiers and vehicles into battle to fight against one another. Dice are used to calculate outcomes and tape measures/rulers are used to measure distances.

What makes Combat Storm unique?

In contrast to other types of miniature wargames that use plastic army men figures, Combat Storm uses statistics for each type of soldier and vehicle, as well as for their weapons. This makes the players rely more on strategy and tactics rather than on just pure luck.

While there is a certain amount of luck involved in the game because of rolling dice, it is the overall tactics that are deployed by the players that make the game fun and fair. Combat Storm has been designed from the ground up, using this philosophy.

Also, the Combat Storm rulebook contains many missions which are creative, clearly outlined, and highly detailed, making them both easy and fun to play.

The rulebook also contains numerous examples to help players understand and learn the rules at a fast pace so they can start playing right away.

Is Combat Storm related to the popular miniature wargame "Operation Plastic"?

Yes! Operation Plastic was the precurser to Combat Storm. It featured fun and interesting gameplay but did not go into the same level of depth that Combat Storm does. Combat Storm is a much more polished version of Operation Plastic.

Are Combat Storm and Operation Plastic compatible with each other?

No, Combat Storm is made up of an entirely new ruleset. Many rules are different and not compatible with Operation Plastic.

What will I need to start playing?

In addition to the Combat Storm Rulebook, you will also need the following items:

* Approximately 50 Plastic Army Men
* Two normal six-sided dice
* Large playing area
* Measuring tape or ruler
* Terrain

What are the recommended ages for Combat Storm?

Combat Storm is recommended for players ages 12 and up.

I've seen other rules for plastic army men on the internet. What makes Combat Storm so special?

We have played literally dozens of different versions of wargames/rulebooks that use miniature soldiers (both free versions and retail versions). Unfortunately not one of them has completely satisifed us. In an effort to benefit the soldier-based wargaming community with a set of polished rules that is free from many of the flaws imbedded in other games, the Combat Storm project was started.

The following is a list of problems with that we found with OTHER rulebooks:

* Army size restritions (small-scale battles only).
* Complicated rules that are hard to follow.
* Few (if any) examples in the rulebook on how to play the game.
* Bland soldier units (soldiers that are all basically the same except some are more powerful).
* Rules that only work properly when there is a large amount of terrain on the battlefield.
* Vehicles that "don't really do much."
* Poor rulebook layout.
* Missions that don't offer any sort of flavour.
* Glaring balancing issues.
* Rules that simply don't make any sense.

With the way Combat Storm has been designed, players no longer need to worry about encountering any of the gameplay flaws/problems that plague other soldier-based miniature wargames.

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